Unauthorized Retailer

To our wonderful community,


It is with disappointment that I share with you that "Canada Black Owned Marketplace" is reselling Luxe Nails® products without authorization. It is illegal for a business to give you false representation of a product that they offer.


Diversion is a serious issue facing the small business, beauty, and retail industries, and is particularly frustrating when it comes from those whom should understand your position most. At LUXE®, we have a firm anti-diversion stance and, with your help, are working to halt this unethical practice.

Diversion occurs when products are sold by unauthorized retailers both online and in-store. Any Luxe Nails® products sold outside of our channels or authorized retailers are considered diverted and may be subject to any number of risks, including dilution, contamination, being over-aged, or counterfeit.

Luxe Nails® products are guaranteed only when offered through our authorized retail outlets and salons. We do not, under any circumstance, offer returns, exchanges, or compensation for products purchased from unauthorized retailers, as we cannot vouch for the products authenticity and quality. To ensure our clients purchase authentic LUXE® products from a reliable source, we direct them to our official website where we have a list of our stockists.  

Help us halt the unethical practice of diversion by reporting any fraud to LUXE® by emailing us at hello@luxenailsto.com. Please include the diverting outlet name, location, photos (if applicable), products carried, and quantity. The information provided will be held strictly confidential and redirected to our legal team, used for the sole purpose of gathering additional information needed to uncover diversion schemes.


With gratitude and sheer love,

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