Toronto Made Market

Join us on Sunday, June 5th, 2022 at the Toronto Made Market from 12-7pm!

*Update: We left early… here’s the review.

- Prior to the event, there was great potential for this event. Good advertising, they promoted some vendors on the roster, and they were very organized.

- A couple to few vendors on the roster were small business staples, and the price was fair.

- All communication was easy, straight-forward, kind, and punctual.

However, on the day of the market...

  • Event organizers did not introduce themselves, or show us around. We (or at least I) were solely to depend on the documents emailed prior.
  • The vendor tables were not fairly dispersed as there was a main hall and and a mezzanine, vendors in the mezzanine had less potential than those downstairs.

  • Tables were not optimized in the space.
  • It was very dark in the mezzanine to the point where we had to make use of our phone flashlights.

  • Event organizers did not promote or take photos of all brands.
  • Because some vendors in the mezzanine cut their losses and left early, it made that section all the more less appealing.
  • Event organizers failed to let us know that there was a wedding which limited advertising to the event, or compensate us for the short-coming(s).
  • Wi-fi and water was promised but was not given at the event.
  • The AC was ridiculously high to the point that I preferred to leave my table to stand outside.

Overall: A 2/10. 1 for the organization prior to the event, and 1 for it being indoors.

Needless to say, this will not be a repeat market for Luxe Nails as it was our lowest grossing event to date by very, very far.

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