This Is Luxe!

Hello and welcome!
I am so thrilled to finally have this vision come to life, and even more thrilled to have you here with me. Thank you.
I mean it. I appreciate it.
I know during quarantine you've seen many people go from nail fanatics to nail techs, offering pre-made press on sets to have delivered right to you in your most isolated hour... I ain't even gon' hold you, I'm one of them.
This brand was originally based solely on press-on nails which seemed so simple from a "measure and paint" perspective, but had a lot of holes in the theoretical consistency. An example, finding supplies—the right supplies was no breeze, especially for a novice in Canada. I wish we had it hooked up like the U.S.
That experience brought us here. I want to offer you your solutions so that your aspirations are that much more attainable, whether you're a freelancing artist building your business, in the middle of your journey, or simply just cutting out salon costs to cater to something else. Also tailoring your options as someone who is actually in the field.
This a start-up brand, based out of TORONTO, Ontario, Canada. And yes, I hope you guessed it, black owned! We are here for you, trying to make a larger presence in your variety of needs. Please do let us know how we can cater to those needs with comments and suggestions, and if you're on social media, please follow us and share with your audience: @LuxeNailsTO
I hope you enjoy the Luxe Life,

XO, C.