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Press-On Nails

Dare to wear bold nails that make a bold statement. Luxe press-on nails are a convenient, non-invasive option to acrylic nails. You can add, remove, and switch it up as you please. You can wear them short-term with adhesive, or long-term with a gel-x service at our studio! 

Absolutely, as long as you take good care of them! That means delicate wear and delicate removal with a warm (nail) bubble bath. 24 nails are included in your box, so you've got plenty to wear and share! 💅 



Soak nails in warm, soapy water for 15-20 minutes or until nails start to loosen. Lift from under the cuticle and gently peel off nail. Never force/pull nails off! Once the nail is removed, natural nail may be dehydrated. To restore natural nail's moisture, apply Luxe 24k Monoï Oil

1. CLEAN IT UP: Wash and dry hands thoroughly (optional: use rubbing alcohol on nails to remove excess oils). Before applying glue, use the provided nail file to gently file your nail beds enough to create a rough surface for the glue to adhere to.


2. PREPARE FOR PERFECTION: Select the correct sizes by aligning the Luxe nail with the sides of your natural nail. (TIP: Nails are numbered 0-11 under each nail with "0" as the biggest). If the Luxe nail is too small some of your natural nail may show. Choosing a smaller size is perfectly fine as long as it’s comfortable. If the Luxe Nail is too big it will go past the sides of your natural nail bed and become more prone to lifting. Reshape sides with your included file if necessary.


1-2 days: Apply your nail stickers or a thin strip of glue from your cuticle to tip. You may want to take your Luxe Nails box with you in case of emergency and safe storage.

5-7 days: Apply a pea-sized dot of glue about this big (  ) to each natural nail (adjust for pinky). Spread the glue around, but don’t get too close to the cuticle or skin as the glue will disperse when pressure is applied. 

7-18 days: Follow five-seven day wear instructions. Apply a little extra glue to the back of the Luxe nail. TIP: You can use both sticker and nail glue together.


4. APPLY PRESSURE + HOLD IT DOWN: Let glue tack up for 6 seconds then align the Luxe nail slightly under your cuticle at about 45-degree angle. Using your thumb, press the Luxe nail down very firmly. The more pressure the better. Ensure pressure is being applied to the entire nail, evenly. Hold for 25 seconds, the longer the better.

It’s recommended to apply Luxe nails to clean, bare natural nails. Luxe nails can be applied over gels and acrylics, however, this will double the wear time and make removal difficult.


HOW TO REAPPLY: Apply the nails how you normally would, but always add a dot glue to the back of the Luxe nail when reapplying, even for short wear applications. No maintenance is required in between uses.

We promise, more adhesion will fix the issue. Please read the instructions before applying to help ensure you’re applying enough glue for your desired wear time. If you did read them and are still having issues please try these tips:

  • In case you have more oily nail beds, gently buff your nail and swipe a little nail alcohol or acetone to each nail before applying to generate extra grip.
  • Still add more glue. Add a dot about this big (  ) to each nail (more on the thumb), and a tiny bit to the back of the Luxe nail. Let it tack up for 6 seconds before applying.
  • The longer and harder you hold, the better. Hold down each nail with your thumb, ensuring it’s covering the entire surface of your nail. If an area doesn’t receive pressure, air pockets will form causing the nail to come off early or inconsistently. Hold for 30+ seconds.


No worries! If nails are coming off before others it is because the glue application to each nail was not consistent. Simply add more glue to your natural nail, a bit to the back of the Luxe nail then re-apply. Be sure to review the How To Apply Section to ensure the application process is being done correctly.


Please note: If you are rough on your hands/nails opt for the longer wear glue application initially over short wear.


Some items are sold under warranty, such items are stated in the description. We currently do not offer an option for added or extended warranty.

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